Your Manufacturing Extension Partner

As part of maintaining a welcome business climate, many states offer small and medium businesses government-subsidized consulting services through a Manufacturing Extension Partnership, for example Maine MEP.

Audit.Everyone fills the same role as an MEP, but with areas of expertise (e.g. nuclear, medical, electronics, et. al.) that may not be present in your state's MEP. Because we're new to this service, our fees are more attractive (e.g. in 2020 Maine MEP's standard fee was $1,000 per day), but our services are broader (encompassing more standards) and deeper (more thorough) than those found in most states' MEPs.

For audits to very common standards like ISO9001 and AS9100, our fees are $900 per day or $400 per half day. For other comparisons, see standard fee comparison.

For atypical standards like 10 CFR 50 Appendix B (nuclear power plants), ISO13485 (medical devices), and IPC-610 (electronics), please contact us to discuss your needs so we can customize our services to your goals.